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Finger volar plate injury exercises and advice, February 2019 Finger volar plate injury jammed finger: exercises and advice. What is the volar plate of the finger? It is a structure on the palm side of your finger at the second joint down from the tip. It prevents the joint bending backwards and consists of a tough plate made from fibro Volar Plate Injuries by Lucille Roberts. The volar plate is susceptible to damage when the finger receives a hyperextension force, commonly a result of a ball injury e.g. basketball, netball. Anatomy: Together with other ligaments it is vital in preventing hyperextension. The Volar Plate forms the floor of the proximal interphalangeal joint. You have sustained a volar plate injury to your finger. The volar plate attaches to the bone and has pulled on the bone at the base of the middle phalanx middle finger bone. Volar plate avulsion injuries are a type of avulsion injury. The volar plate of the proximal interphalangeal PIP joint is vulnerable to hyperextension injury, in the form of either a ligament tear or an intra-articular fracture. Gross anatomy. Volar Plate Injury. A Volar Plate injury is when the ligaments partially or fully tear, or avulse with a small fracture fragment when the finger is forced backwards into hyperextension. It is very common in ball sports, like in the example above. Symptoms of Volar Plate Injury. Common symptoms include: • Significant swelling at the joint.

St James’s Hospital Volar Plate PIPj injury/repair Protocol Written and reviewed by: Michelle O Donnell, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist. Liza Fitzgerald, Senior Occupational Therapist. Niamh Feeney, Senior Occupational Therapist. Joanne Finn, Senior Physiotherapist. Mairead Gibbons, Senior Physiotherapist. .au / articles / plantar-plate-injury Tears of the plantar plate may be the most common cause of pain under the second metatarsophalangeal joint, though it can occur at any of the metatarsophalangeal joints. It is also referred to as predislocation syndrome, crossover toe deformity and floating toe syndrome. Articles.

Volar Plate Injury: Thumb. The volar plate of the thumb is a very thick ligament that forms the bottom of the interphalangeal joint and separates the joint space from the tendon sheath. This ligament is responsible for preventing hyperextension. But with enough hyperextension force, the volar plate can be sprained or ruptured. VOLAR PLATE INJURY. Hyperextension of a finger joint, such as a dorsal dislocation, can injure the volar plate. The PIP joint usually is affected, and collateral ligament damage often is present. injuries, which are divided into articular and ten-don injuries. Articular injuries include volar plate and collateral ligament lesions of the PIP and MCP joints. Trauma to the extensor and flexor tendons can result in open or closed injuries. The most frequent of the latter are mallet finger defor-mity, boutonnie`re deformity, dislocation of the.

Today we’re joined on the site by top podiatrist Nick Knight. He’s kindly agreed to write a guest blog for us on plantar plate injury which can be a challenge to treat. Nick was the first podiatrist to be featured in our RunningPhysio Recommends series and has written some cracking articles for.

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